5 Mistakes To Avoid When Making A Corporate Video For Your Website

With marketing tactics now mainly based online, creating a corporate video is becoming an increasingly popular way of building a company’s website. Although a video may seem completely irrelevant to your line of work, this method is one of the best ways to capture the attention of potential clients. Although videos can provide a creative, successful outlet for a company’s goals, they can just as easily produce unprofessional, laughable results. Read ahead to learn the 5 biggest mistakes to avoid when making a corporate video for your website.

Easy Steps To Make Your LinkedIn Profile More Attractive

The paper resume is slowly becoming a foreign concept. Now, most employers request digital resumes, and most of the time, a URL to your LinkedIn profile. Whether you’re a professional, fresh graduate, or someone in between, it’s becoming increasingly more important that you possess a LinkedIn page. Whether you’re new to the site, or consider yourself to be a LinkedIn all-star, read on for a list of easy steps to make your LinkedIn profile more attractive.

The Effects Of An Aging Population On The Healthcare System

As the recipients of universal healthcare coverage, we often don’t consider the aspects that affect and influence our Canadian healthcare system. When a loved one or ourselves falls ill, we can at least rest assured that our medical treatment will be covered by our province’s health plan. However, it’s important to consider what the near future of the Canadian healthcare system is looking like as the baby boomer generation reaches senior status. Read ahead to discover what the effects of this aging population will be on the Canadian healthcare system.

6 Effective Ways To Help Cope With Holiday Anxiety

The Christmas season is upon us. And although this time of year brings about many joyous aspects, for some people, it also brings about feelings of anxiety. Because the holidays generally involve being around a large group of people, many people feel great social anxiety at just the thought of these events. Maybe you don’t have social anxiety, but tensions in your immediate family fill you with apprehension and dread. If you’re feeling anxious leading up to and during the holidays, here are six effective ways to cope.

6 Pictures Of Your Kids You Should Never Share On Social Media

When I was growing up, social media didn’t exist. Parents snapped photos of their children, got them printed, and stuck them in a photo album. In today’s world, smartphones capture a child’s every move and their face is plastered across multiple social media platforms. Whether you decide to post photos of your kids online is totally your choice, but there are multiple types of pictures of your children you shouldn’t be posting in order to keep them safe.

Here's Which Prom Dress You Should Wear Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Prom season is upon us! My own prom was some years ago now — yes, I'm old — and I would honestly do anything to redo it. I hated my dress, my hair turned out terribly, and my date was literally the worst (I hope he sees this). Anyways, the fate of my prom doesn't have to happen to you! If you're still on the hunt for that perfect dress, let your zodiac sign guide you towards finding a prom outfit you'll remember (fondly!) for years to come.

11 Rules For Dressing That Will Help You Be The Most Stylish Version Of Yourself

Fashion trends come and go almost daily, which can make it extremely difficult to determine what is “stylish.” However, style isn’t about the latest clothing trend. It’s about dressing in a way that complements your body and your unique personality. To be the best, most confident version of yourself, check out these 11 dressing rules that apply to every size and body type.